Steungroep ME en Arbeidsongeschiktheid

The European ME Alliance is pleased to welcome Steungroep ME en Arbeidsongeschiktheid (ME and Disability Support Group) as new Dutch colleagues in EMEA.

The ME and Disability Support Group provides support to ME and CFS patients who experience difficulties in employment, education, disability and benefits as a result of their illness.

The support Group campaigns against the exclusion of incapacitated ME and CFS patients from disability benefits and strives to make work and education available to ME and CFS patients that are adapted to their capabilities.

Good things are planned for ME in the Netherlands at this time with the innovative support agreed by the Dutch government for research into ME - see more here "Nu breekt mijn klomp! A New Beginning for Dutch Research into ME?"

More about Steungroep ME en Arbeidsongeschiktheid can be found here.

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Last Update: September 2020