The Finnish Medical ME / CFS Association

Following the European ME Alliance Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2020 then it is a pleasure to announce that Finnish group Suomen lääketieteellinen ME/CFS-Yhdistys ry (The Finnish Medical ME / CFS Association or SLME) has been elected as a full member of EMEA.

SLME has been performing excellent work in Finland including playing a full role in development of the new Finnish Guidelines for ME being conducted by the Duodecim organisation (The Finnish Medical Society).

SLME has also already been playing an important and substantial collaborative role in EMEA since joining last year.

Finland is an important member country for EMEA as well as having researchers and clinicians already involved in the European ME Research group (EMERG) and European ME Clinicians Council (EMECC).

The new guidelines being produced by Duodecim will hopefully make further progress for ME when published in early 2021.

More about SLME can be found here.

EMEA are currently receiving applications for membership.

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Membership into EMEA is open to all groups

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Last Update: August 2020