UK NICE Guidelines October 2021

EMEA UK (Invest in ME Research) has been reviewing and commenting on NICE guidelines since 2006.

The publication of the current 2021 NICE guidelines has been paused by NICE just before the date that had been previously agreed - 18 August 2021.

This unusual delay may have consequences across Europe and there are many questions as to why this pause has been initiated and what has been occurring in secretive discussions away from any scrutiny by NICE, certain professional organisations and some CFS/ME organisations.

EMEA UK (IiMER) has commented extensively on the validity of these actions and the current situation.
The charity has written to the CEO of NICE, received a response, and replied to that response - demonstrating the flaws in the NICE position and the dubious comments made by others. The latest commentary is here.

All of IiMER's commentary on NICE is documented here