ME/cvs Vereniging

Continuing our introduction of new members of the European ME Alliance we are pleased to welcome ME/cvs Vereniging as new collegaues in EMEA.

ME/cvs Vereniging (ME / CFS Association) is a patient association that represents the interests of patients suffering from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and their loved ones in the Netherlands.

The ME / CFS Association is not financially or otherwise linked to any treatment provider or institution. This allows them to operate independently and will always put the patient's interests first

The association provides information about ME, research and treatment methods, and about the latest scientific developments. They do this via their website, facebook page, twitter, news bulletins and the association magazine "Read ME", which is published 4 times a year for members.

EMEA is looking forward to working with ME/cvs Vereniging on European research, education and advocacy at a crucial time for the Netherlands regarding ME.

More about ME/cvs Vereniging can be found here.

EMEA are currently receiving applications for membership.

Use the contact link below to apply if you are a interested in working with EMEA to create a better future for European ME patients.

Membership into EMEA is open to all groups

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Last Update: September 2020