A historic moment for ME / CFS patients On 14th June 2019 the Finnish Medical ME / CFS Association, together with MPs, officially formalized the ME / CFS Group All Party Parliamentary Group in the Finnish parliament. The group consists of -

  • Chair:
  • Sari Tanus (KD)

  • Vice-Chair:
  • Matti Semi (Vas)

  • Vice-Chair:
  • Mika Niikko (PS)

  • Secretary:
  • Finnish Medical ME / CFS Association (SLME)

  • Ari Koponen (PS)

  • Jussi Saramo (Vas)

  • Noora Koponen (Vihr)

  • Mirka Soinikoski (Vihr)

  • Olli Polo (Finnish ME / CFS Association)
A few MPs are still declaring their interest in ME / CFS, but they are still revising their schedules.


Last Update: June 2019

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