EFNA EU Campaign 2024

Between 6 and 9 June 2024, millions of people in the European Union vote for Members to represent them in the European Parliament. EMEA is a member of the European Fedration of Neurological Asssociations (EFNA).

EFNA considers this to be a key moment as MEPs take decisions that affect the daily lives of everyone, a considerable amount covering important healthcare issues that have a direct impact on patient organisations and patients’ lives.

EFNA have created a manifesto for the EU elections, which EMEA supports, and which prioritises optimal quality of life for people with neurological conditions and their carers..

The EFNA manifesto is available here.

A summary of the manifesto is available here

EMEA Contribution

Neurological conditions are the most frequent, disabling and costly of all non-communicable diseases in the EU. This manifesto outlines the urgent need for enhanced research, patient engagement and equitable access to treatments to support neurological patients. It emphasises the importance of collaborative efforts, including setting up an EU Joint Action on Neurological Conditions, launching a European plan to promote brain health, optimal living for neurology patients and combat neurological and brain disorders, leveraging the upcoming Brain Health Partnership for the benefit of neurology patients and implementing the WHO neurological action plan, to improve outcomes for individuals with neurological conditions.

To support the manifesto one can use the links on the EFNA page.

Read more about why the European Elections matter here.

Last Update: March 2024