ME/CFS is a complex, chronic, debilitating illness with systemic effects. It's characterized by reduced ability to perform activities that were well tolerated pre-illness, accompanied by profound fatigue not improved by rest, and lasting for more than 6 months. A hallmark of ME/CFS is that symptoms can worsen after physical, mental, or emotional effort, a manifestation known as postexertional malaise. Patients with ME/CFS also have unrefreshing sleep. Other common symptoms are orthostatic intolerance, cognitive impairment, and pain........ ME/CFS is a biological illness, not a psychological disorder. Patients with ME/CFS are neither malingering nor seeking secondary gain. These patients have a variety of abnormalities that affect multiple systems

Dr Elizabeth Unger, Chief of USA Centre for Disease Control's Chronic Viral Diseases Branch



A Voice for ME in the Balkans

EMEA is meant to help all members and improve research and services and awareness across Europe and there is a perception that services and research and recognition for ME is inferior in the eastern side of Europe compared to the western side.
We need to do something to assist with the situation for people with ME in these EMEA member countries.
By using knowledge and experiences from researchers and clinicians from across Europe then we can initiate more collaborative ventures based on the groundwork already laid.
The idea would be to bring forward suggestions and solutions for existing deficiencies in the approach to ME – backed up by a wider European support base from EMEA members.
Education is always a good means to change opinions and perceptions about the disease and using the examples of current European clinicians and researchers in EMERG then we are able to more rapidly develop solutions to e existing problems.

Videos from the


1 Opening Keynote Speech:
Assistant Minister of Public Health Serbia

Dr Jelena Janković
Assistant Minister of Public Health Serbia

Opening of the webinar.

Assistant Minister of Public Health Serbia

2 History of ME and Long Covid

Dr Friðbjörn Sigurðsson

Professor Friðbjörn Sigurðsson

Dr Friðbjörn Sigurdsson is from Akureyri Hospital, Iceland.
In this talk he gives an overview of the history of ME and relates this to long covid.

3 What is ME/CFS?

3 Dr Amolak Bansal

Dr Amolak Bansal (former head of the CFS clinic in Surrey, UK and now at Spire Hospitals, UK gives a description for clinicians of what ME/CFS is. Dr Bansal is also a member of the European ME Research Group (EMERG).

4 Issues for People with ME/CFS in the Balkans

4 Ina Ignjatović

Ina Ignjatović, President of the Serbian Association of People with CFS

5 Similarities Between ME/CFS and Long Covid

5 Professor Markku Partinen

Professor Markku Partinen, of EMERG and University of Helsinki, Finland discusses the differences between ME and long covid using data from a recent international study in 17 countries.

6 ME/CFS in Children

6 Professor Kristian Sommerfelt

Professor Kristian Sommerfelt from Haukeland University hospital in Bergen discusses ME/CFS in children.
Professor Sommerfelt is one of the leading clinicians regarding ME/CFS in young people.

7 ME/CFS Research in Europe

7 Professor Simon Carding

Professor Simon Carding from the Quadram Institute in Norwich, UK is also co-chair of the European ME Research Group (EMERG).
Here he discusses research in Europe and mentions some of the projects being undertaken.

8 ME/CFS Clinical Care and Covid-19 Pandemic - ME/CFS and Long Covid from the Front Line

8 Dr Beata Dela-Jaworska

Dr Beata Dela-Jaworska is from the East Coast Counties Healthcare and runs an ME Clinic.
She also treats long covid patients in the NHS and has great experience as a clinician.
Dr Dela-Jaworska is also a member of the European ME Research Group (EMERG) and the European ME Clinicians Council (EMECC).

9 Clinical  Requirements Views from National Medical Societies

9 Dr Jorma Komulainen

Dr Jorma Komulainen - Finnish Medical Society Duodecim

10 Lessons from the USA

10 Dr Vicky Whittemore

Dr Vicky Whittemore, National Institutes of Health

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