Seminar in Stockholm in November 2014

Children and Young People with ME/CFS

November 2014

European ME Alliance Sweden member RME Seminar on Children and Young People with ME/CFS On November 12, 2014 EMEA, Sweden RME, organised a seminar on children and young people with ME / CFS in Stockholm.


In Sweden, an estimated 40 000 people suffer from the disease, which is often difficult and underdiagnosed and disabling. These include children and young people who are hit particularly hard because the knowledge of the disease is low.


The seminar focused on children with ME / CFS and was primarily aimed at professionals in the health care and schools.


The presenters were -


Orthostatic intolerance and pediatric ME / CFS

Dr. Peter C. Rowe, Johns Hopkins Children's Center, United States Pediatric ME / CFS


Diagnosis and Management

Dr. Nigel Speight, The University Hospital of North Durham, UK.

[Dr.Speight will also cover the issue of "child abuse" by Medical Professionals and Other Authorities due to misdiagnosis in cases of ME / CFS[


The Immune / virus / endocrine interface into ME / CFS

Dr. Amolak S Bansal, Dept. of Immunology, St. Helier Hospital, Carshalton, Surrey. UK.


Living with ME / CFS as a child

Nathalie Gillberg, 14 and afflicted, and Camilla Gillberg, parent says.


A report on the seminar was made by Michel Silvestri - click here


More details of the seminar, including films of the seminar presentations, are available from the RME site - click here







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