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Conference Events in London May 2014

May 2014

European ME Alliance UK member Invest in ME organised and hosted four events in London at the end of May - revolving around the 9th International ME Conference 2014.


The Biomedical Research into ME Collaborative Meeting 4 [click here] took place on 29th May in London and preceded the annual Invest in ME biomedical research conference - with 46 participants from ten countries participating.


A pre-conference dinner was hosted on the evening before the conference with guest presenter Dr Nigel Speight talking of severely affected young adults with ME and the problems and issues affecting them from those treating ME as a psychosocial illness rather than an organic disease.


The 9th Invest in ME International ME Conference in London was held on 30th May with seventeen countries represented. The conference  presented a platform for the latest initiatives occurring in biomedical research into ME from different continents. The theme was Synergising Research into ME and aimed to increase collaboration, sharing and ideas relating to research into ME.


Conference speakers were as listed here.

The conference is CPD accredited and was being supported by EMEA members IMET of Ireland and Norges ME Forening of Norway.







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